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Independently-Developed Innovative Technologies
Global Patents
R&D Investment
  • RELX Alpha
  • RELX Classic
  • RELX nano
  • A Variety of Flavors

RELX Alpha

Innovative α-shaped airway design

Elongated α-shaped airway for flavorful vapor
Draw resistance 95% similar to that of a real cigarette
Il prodotto tecnicamente all'avanguardia sul mercato
Inspirational design
Cutting-edge technology
Premium user-experience

RELX Alpha Technology

20+ patent-level innovations

Vibration notification to prevent nicotine over-consumption

Il primo design unibody nell'industria dello svapo

Type-C connection for fast charging

40 mins per 1 full charge
Red color indicator at 30% battery level

RELX Classic

Perfect entry point for smokers looking to switch to RELX

Small & adaptable
One-time use
High-quality design
≈200 puffs per nano



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